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AI in Advertising: Why AI is the Future of Advertising
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April 15, 2022

What We Learned From Group M's Report+ Why AI is the Future of Advertising

The future of advertising is about to change tremendously and it’s all because of AI or Artificial Intelligence. Various businesses and marketers are gradually switching to these technologies to achieve smarter and smoother personalized advertisements. Such technology is designed to continually learn and optimize for better advertising results. As a result, industries will increase revenue and at the same time save a lot of money.

According to GroupM’s proprietary forecasts on the size of AI in advertising, they’ve estimated the technology to stretch more than $370 billion this year and is likely to apprise the vast majority of media by 2032, reaching $1.3 trillion, or more than 90% of total ad revenue. 

There are 4 areas of major opportunities such as:

  • Channels – a vast percentage of US citizens are spending time with CTV viewership, the majority of them watch ad-supported contents that pave the way to introduce new products or brands. AI-Enabled ad revenue is expected to grow exponentially in all channels over the next 10 years.
  • Relevancy – since cookies are under some heat lately due to the California Consumer Privacy Act, and the removal of 3rd party cookies from the web, advertisers are in dire need of a new way to maintain relevancy in a cluttered advertising ecosytem with less targeted audiences available. Marketers are testing the waters with contextual advertising as a replacement for 3rd party cookies. 
  • Personalization – AI will make it possible to provide individuals with a more custom message, offer or product than ever before. AI and Machine learning will allow for creative optimization.
  • Non-interruptive – another threat for marketers is ad-blockers or premium subscriptions since the audience prefers to watch with no interruption, there is still a way to present ads without the interruption but the question is how? 

Presenting these 4 areas of major opportunities, as a marketer or a brand, make you realize how to solve such areas of challenges with AI technology. It is essential to research and invest in platforms that are using AI. In fact, we've put together a guide on the Future of AI in Advertising that will help you to put GroupM's findings to action.

How CatapultX Will Contribute to The Future of AI in Advertising

Today, numerous marketers are searching for alternatives to Facebook, Google, and Amazon for advertising. With CatapultX’s platform, AI technology is utilized to support brands, businesses, and marketers.

CatapultX uses AI to recognize contextually relevant moments in video that advertisers choose to be associated with. It also displays a non-interruptive ad overlay, personalizing it to tie the content across web video, CTV, and a lot of channels in the future. Not only that, but CatapultX can also label and preclude advertisers from popping in video content that may be unsafe for their brand.

With CatapultX, advertisers can secure the right moment at the right time and the right place. Publishers can resell their media to their advertisers expanding various possibilities for reach and monetization. Lastly, they prioritize brand safety, making sure that all of the content is brand-suitable.


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The Future of AI In Advertising

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