The Future of Advertising is AI

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AI is evolving from a nice-to-have capability, to an everyday staple, especially in advertising. Forms of AI handle your bidding, targeting, optimizations and sometimes even your creative output. AI will be the baseline for advertising innovation over the next few years, are you ready?

In this 15-page whitepaper, you'll learn:
  • What is AI?
  • Key Terms and Definitions
  • How AI Applies to Advertising
  • The Top Uses of AI in Advertising
  • How AI can improve your Marketing
  • 3 Key Steps to Take When Cookies Go Away
  • How Contextual Ads and AI Works Together
  • A New, AI-Based Advertising Functionality
This comprehensive guide to AI in Advertising is everything you need to understand AI and how it is impacting your advertising strategies today and tomorrow.
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Why CatapultX Knows AI

CatapultX is the creator of On-Stream™ Video Advertising. Our AI analyzes videos across the web to make the best contextual match with your product, brand or service. It delivers 2.3X the CTR and 6.8X the viewability against traditional online advertising. Plus, we've been mentioned in the following:

The Drum Awards 2021

“Highly Commended” for the Best Use of AI in Advertising during TheDrum Awards 2021
Programmatic Power Player
CatapultX was named Programmatic Power Player for the year for the use of AI-based OnStream Advertising.

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You can start advertising today. All you need is a logo, a few lines of copy and your targeting settings from your exising campaigns. You'll see higher viewability rates, click through rates and lower CPMs than your traditional display or video campaigns.
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With CatapultX ​Mesh™ ​you can use our format guides or proprietary ad-converter to quickly stitch your direct-sold advertisers into existing video.
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