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Win The Moment with On-Stream™

CX’s highly engaging, AI-powered On-Stream™ ads integrate with videos resulting in 2X viewability, higher CTRs, and lower CPMs than traditional Display Ads.

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Benefits of On-Stream™ Advertising

No minimums. Ever.
Access to over 1.5 billion impressions across multiple platforms
Approx. 2X Lower CPMs than Pre-Roll
Completion rates +14% higher
3X Higher CTRs than In-Stream
No Creative Costs
Cookieless Advertising; AI-Based & Contextual
On-Stream™ Video Advertising is an ad format powered by AI and integrated within a video. Our AI analyzes videos across the web to make the best contextual match with your product, brand or service. It’s non-interruptive and preferred by audiences 9:1 over other formats, giving advertisers a leg-up on the competition by matching ads to moments and bringing the audience into the advertising experience.
Place your content into videos without the disruption of traditional ads
Find the perfect match to your brand’s voice every time (with contextual AI)
Brand Safe
You pick who, where & when your ads appear

Drive real-world results through contextual relevancy

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You can start advertising today. All you need is a logo, a few lines of copy and your targeting settings from your exising campaigns. You'll see higher viewability rates, click through rates and lower CPMs than your traditional display or video campaigns.
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Our Ad

Let our dynamic ad formats maximize your campaign objectives.

Ready to move into intelligent marketing? Tools are now available for advertisers to serve interactive and intuitive ads that compliment content instead of disrupting it.

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Slides into view without interrupting the content
Ad Insert
Inserts your brand dependent on content within the video
Click to shop in the moment and when the moment is right
Text on Screen
Dynamic messaging placement for better engagement

Ad-Integration Studio

With CatapultX ​Mesh™ ​you can use our format guides or proprietary ad-converter to quickly stitch your direct-sold advertisers into existing video.
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