Twitterview with David Berkowitz
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May 28, 2021

Meet David Berkowitz of Serial Marketers

At CatapultX, we love staying up to date with media and advertising news, innovation and people! That's why our CEO, Zack Rosenberg, started weekly #Twitterviews (Interviews on Twitter).

David has traveled the world evangelizing good marketing. From his time with 360i as their VP, Emerging Media to becoming the CMO of MRY, David has become a great resource for marketing. He now operates one of the largest slack channels for marketers, co-hosts a networking event with CatapultX’s CEO, Zack, (First Wednesday), and recently joined the agency, Within.

Read his answers below on everything from marketing, advertising to insights on video marketing.

Q: How did you get your start in the business?

A: I wanted to get paid to write but not be a journalist. That soon led me to eMarketer where I transitioned from an editorial role to PR. The rest is history.

Q: Tell us about what you are doing now?

A: I'm consulting, working mostly with the agency @WITHINco leading their marketing. I also run the 2,500-member Serial Marketers community.

Q: What makes for good advertising?

A: It's created to achieve a specified goal, and it achieves it.

Q: What makes for bad advertising?

A: People on Twitter don't like it. Kidding. Bad advertising is something that delivers no form of value to the advertiser.

Q: What trends in Marketing are you keeping an eye on?

A: The biggest trends that matter will be about post-pandemic shifts in consumer behavior. Almost everything else right now is a sideshow or is heavily impacted by that.

Q: What is the best platform for watching videos? Why?

A: It may not be the best, but I like how Disney+ became comfort food for my family and me. They extended their brand to video so well so quickly.

Q: What is your favorite video series?

A: Cobra Kai. It is the best bad TV perhaps ever. #teamjohnny

Q: How do you stay up to date on what's going on in the industry?

A: My Slack community. Twitter DM groups of some creators I connect with. A few great email newsletters. Some other communities.

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