No Cookies or (pre) Rolls! — Lose the WAIT with our AdTech Recipe
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August 13, 2020

There’s no doubt that the advertising technology (AdTech) industry is getting slimmer. Cookies are the first to go along with a long line of “empty-calorie” strategies that really don’t benefit your marketing tactics as much as you think they do. Marketing teams are forced to become more agile in providing a healthier, more consumable experience for customers.

We’ve determined the best recipe for advertising that will cut your belly-bloat due to poor advertising experiences for your consumers. This will not only allow your marketing or publishing team to operate efficiently, it will also generate more revenue.

What’s next to go in the new and improved advertising diet?

Pre-Roll Ads are the top of our list if you’re looking to drop advertising weight.

Pre-roll video ads are just another “fry-cook” method of advertising. Much like fast-food, pre-roll video ads are typically cooked on the fly. When the user starts a video, the publisher platform analyzes the user’s previous activity and spits out an advertisement that often-times has nothing to do with the video they are watching and may even not be related to something they need. Plus, it leaves the user sick of having to wait through all of those ads!

For example, you could search for a certain brand of electric grill briefly, because a coworker is talking about it and wants to know the price. Then a day later, you’re served a pre-roll ad about that electric grill — that you had no intention of purchasing. Plus, you have to wait 30–60 seconds to watch your video that had nothing to do with a George Foreman grill.

At CatapultX, we’re in favor (or in-flavor), of using organic, always fresh ads. We want the advertising experience to compliment what the viewer is watching — just like the right pairing of wine does for a great meal. It’s intentional, relatable, and tastes pretty darn good to the consumer. It also allows for more places to show ads that don’t take away from the overall experience of the video or “dish.”

This is what we call contextual advertising: which is sort of like eating local. Any advertisement seen within videos, are directly related to the video that the user is watching. Everything is locally sourced, sustainable, and not distracting to the overall consumer experience. The best part is that the ads can be served so that they don’t take over and interrupt the entire video, but rather, run alongside it automatically.

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In a survey CatapultX conducted, 46.8% of users preferred ads related to what they were watching over demographic or behavioral ads. Viewers want the experience of watching videos to be seamless, and the ads need to compliment that, not interrupt it. This proving to us that contextual advertising is not just a fad-diet.

Feel free to add your own dash of creativity as you entertain your customers and impress your finance department!

Bloat Free Video Advertising Recipe

  • 1 Moderately Interesting Video
  • 1MM Views
  • 5 Decent Advertisers (Direct buy or DSP depending on what’s in season where you are)
  • 1 Interesting Picture to Create Initial Click
  • Multiple publishers dying to host it
  1. Cook video at least 2 minutes long to ensure content will actually keep the viewers attention.
  2. Apply our “secret-sauce” in the form of artificial intelligence which scans your video for it’s contents or “ingredients.”
  3. Let us bake-in or dynamically sprinkle in sponsored ad integrations that are unmissable, unskippable, but also never interrupt the user’s video-viewing experience.
  4. Serve your video to your consumers — along with it’s baked-in advertising revenue generation. Taste the improved user-experience and extra income.

Bon Appétit. Bloat-Free Video Advertising!

Founded in 2019, CatapultX is an AI-based platform at the forefront of innovative video marketing. Serving contextually relevant video ads that don’t interfere with consumer experience, CatapultX brings a profitable, engaging and enjoyable experience to publishers, advertisers and audiences. If you are interested in expanding the profitability of your content or building a more robust advertising portfolio, reach out to us at or set up a meeting with someone from our sales team.

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