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Is AI the Next Hollywood Star?: AI Used in the Movies
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September 2, 2022

At CatapultX, our mission is to achieve the deepest understanding of video through AI, mostly within web content and streaming. However, we wanted to take a moment and discuss the ways Artificial Intelligence is being used in the movies - and whether Artificial Intelligence could be the next hollywood star.

CatapultX's AI understands video through analyzing and interpreting context within moments in a video clip in order to associate it with a brand or a product. AI in the movies is being used to understand content, create new content and even predict the success of scripts before they're made. Let's dive into a few examples.

Examples of AI being used in Movies

Movies makers are utilizing AI more and more to complete tasks like editing, translating,  and dubbing.

In more recent years, AI has been used for things like crowd control and creating realistic fight scenes. Here are a few examples of AI being used in the film.

How One Computer Artist - Glenn Marshall Created a Short-Film with AI

Glenn Marshall is a computer artist who recently created a short-film called "The Crow," which used a neural network to transform a dance video into a short film depicting a crow. He took the video of the dance and coupled it, using AI, with a command to generate a painting of a crow in a desolate landscape. This way of using natural language processing and computer vision to create something entirely new and artful awarded Marshall's film a Cannes Short Film Festival Award.

He said, "The AI is trying to make every live-action frame look like a painting with a crow in it, so I’m meeting it halfway, and the film becomes a kind of a battle between the human and the AI — with all the suggestive symbolism.”

AI to Analyze Success of Films

Warner Bros uses Cinelytic AI-based platform to analyze movie scripts utilizing supervised algorithms to determine whether a movie script could be profitable. ScriptBook is another system used by Sony Pictures that uses AI to make predictions.

AI for Video Editing

IBM's Watson used AI to edit the trailer for the movie "Morgan." Using machine learning, Watson analyzed other movie trailers to splice together a movie trailer from the movie Morgan. The edited together version was viewed by final editor and polished. This public use-case could be the baseline for many editing-related AI applications to make movie and show creation more expedient.

AI for Character Creation

The Avengers Thanos was created using AI and machine learning.  The visual effects team used software that allowed them to input the motion they wanted and the AI created a Thanos that matched their specifications.

What does the future hold for AI in movies?

It is hard to say what will happen in such a fast-moving industry, but it seems like AI's involvement in movies will only increase - from writing scripts to creating characters or beefing up FX.

In the case of Glenn Marshall, AI could be considered an art form, but is AI responsible for the art or the artist? Could AI replace actors and artists? Let us know what you think.

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