7 Platforms Next Up for Ad Placements
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April 29, 2022

Ads on Netflix? What's Next for the Ad Industry?

As you may be aware, if you weren't starring on Love is Blind with no access to your phone, Netflix let it slip that they're looking to add an ad-supported tier to their platform. This came right after they upped their price to $20 per month and mentioned that they would like to crack down on account sharing.

This won't be the "death of Netflix" seeing as Hulu holds 70% of its subscribers in their ad-supported subscription tier, but consumers should expect to see some changes surrounding subscription-based television. If Netflix can get away with adding ads for a lower price, other CTV subscription services may be looking to do the same.

For marketers, this shift by Netflix, should trigger a creative lens... Where else can ad monetization occur? What other platforms are ripe for the picking?

Other potential platforms for ad monetization:

1. Zoom Meetings

Imagine listening to your CEO talk about the month's goals and seeing an ad for FIFA? Or an ad for a new project planning app? This could be a reality! Through the use of AI, advertising engines could detect audio and visuals through OCR to match ads to the moment, or allow in-chat ads. While this would likely be a hindrance to corporations just looking to have "meetings that could have been emails," providing a lower-tier ad-supported option for small businesses or students could be beneficial, and it could provide webinar hosts an additional way to monetize.

2. Live Events & Streaming

While pay-per-view live stream events are still alive and well, ad-supported live streams are becoming more common. The only catch is, ads during live streams are typically pre-roll or mid-roll ads that pause or interrupt the live stream. new formats of live-ads could be integrated into the content, or shown on-screen.

3. Messaging apps - WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, etc.

While these platforms may not be ideal for advertising, the ability to target adds at a very specific audience with content that is likely hyper-relevant could prove to be an enticing opportunity. In fact, some messaging apps are already leveraging in-app ads for games and digital content.

4. Smart home devices

With voice-activated digital assistants like Alexa,  Siri, and Google Home becoming more prevalent in society, the potential for advertising through these platforms is high. While we may not see ads during our weather report just yet, it's not hard to imagine a future where we do.

5. Gaming platforms - Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, etc.

Ads in video games are nothing new, but the potential for a more immersive experience is. Whether it's through ad placements in the game itself or pre-game ads, there is a lot of potentials for marketers to tap into the gaming world. In fact, some games are already doing this. For example, PlayStation 4 allows brands to  be featured in the "loading screens" between game-play.

6. Virtual & Augmented Reality & The Metaverse

While VR and AR are still in their early developmental stages, it's not hard to see why they would be a desirable platform for advertisers. The ability to create fully immersive ads or content in a 3D environment could prove to be very profitable for brands, especially if AR and VR go mainstream. Metaverse advertising is already happening. Clothing companies are offering branded clothing pieces for avatars, music artists are holding virtual concerts to promote new albums and some political movements are making waves. Be looking for AR/VR to be the next huge splash in creative, immersive advertising experiences.

7. The Moon

This one's a bit ''out there." While we may not have an advertising presence on the moon just yet, it's not hard to imagine a future where we do. Imagine the moon being used as a projector screen or actual placements being located on the moon.  Crazy? Perhaps. But it's not outside the realm of possibility. After all, the moon is up there. And advertising is everywhere else!

Next up: CatapultX

CatapultX is introducing a new type of ad-format which utilized contextual AI to match advertisers to moments within video.  As more and more video content is consumed through CTV, this new format will help to bridge the gap between traditional television advertising and modern ad-supported streaming. And with cookieless targeting capabilities, marketers can be sure that their ads will only be shown at the most relevant moments.

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