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4 Ways AI Can Improve Your Marketing
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4 Ways to Use AI in Your Marketing Now

We've been talking about AI being the future of advertising for the past year now, and it's still true. In a 2020 study, 41% reported that AI-enabled marketing accelerated revenue growth. That number is sure to grow in 2022.

Research by Deloitte shows that 73% of AI adopters believe AI is very or critically important to their business and a further 64% said that it allowed them to surpass the competition.

Meaning, if you haven't started to learn what AI means to you and your work, you may be falling behind. AI tools can be used to create content, sift data, serve more intuitive advertising experiences and help your marketing efforts grow.

1. 40% Got More Actionable Insights From Marketing Data with AI

The combination of AI and the amount of data available online within social media, advertising, and web metrics creates a  powerful tool for marketing teams. Automated insights can help you quickly and easily identify patterns, opportunities, and issues. Additionally, by understanding the correlations between various data sets, you can develop predictive models that will allow you to take proactive actions to improve your marketing efforts.

AI programs can help you to automate reporting and speed up time to insights such as Lead Scoring and SegmentationBy understanding the behavior and interests of your leads, you can score them accordingly and segment them into groups. This allows you to focus your marketing efforts on those most likely to convert or have a higher LTV (lifetime value). Additionally, lead scoring can help you to prioritize your sales team efforts.

2. 60% of Marketers use AI to Generate New Content Ideas

In a nutshell, AI content creation is the method of generating content for anyone who needs it. This method is commonly used to produce landing pages, blog posts, emails, scripts, ebooks, social media copy, and text-based content. It can also be used in video and audio formats.

AI content creation provides a broad skill set necessary for brands or businesses. Even so, it still needs the support of human intelligence in adding elements required to generate the content, such as tone, descriptions, and the like. AI relies heavily on data input; it is incapable of making choices or adding emotions, therefore it still requires a human eye.

3. 38% Improved Personalization & Customer Service

One of the major benefits of AI is its ability to quickly process and sort large amounts of data. This capability can be used to improve your marketing efforts by providing more personalized content and experiences to your customers and prospects. Certain AI tools can even change and present different content on your website when they recognize a visitor that falls into a certain pipeline via their on-site activity.

Or you can use AI for customer service chatbots that are personal, helpful to clients or customers, and can resolve simple issues quickly.

4. 34% Using AI in Advertising saw Greater ROI

AI is used within most programmatic ad serving platforms to match and serve ads to those who are most likely to respond well.  Generally, these ads are served through an auction-based system in which AI is used to determine which ads will be shown. Advertisers can also use AI to automate ad creation and dynamic testing of ad copy and imagery.

Additionally, AI is used heavily in contextual advertising where a  piece of content is matched with an ad that is relevant to the context in which it is being consumed. For example, if you are reading an article about running shoes, you might see ads for running shoes or other fitness equipment. CatapultX does this within videos, so when you see moments within a video related to fashion or beauty, you could see an ad from Sephora or Shein overlayed onto the video.

The Future of AI in Advertising & Marketing

The possibilities are endless when it comes to how AI can be used in advertising and marketing. We are still in the early days of adoption, but we are already seeing some incredible results from those who are using AI in their efforts. As more data is collected and processed, and as AI tools become more sophisticated, we will continue to see new and innovative ways that AI can be used to improve marketing and advertising efforts.

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The Future of AI In Advertising

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