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CX provides the simplest tools to generate more revenue from your videos or ROI on your video ads, anywhere they live.
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Unmissable & Unmatched

CX’s proprietary technology uses Artificial Intelligence to reinvent advertising by eliminating the interruptive experience consumers have grown to hate and allowing you to win the moment™.


Contextual targeting complements a video’s most engaging moments - allowing an integrated experience


Designed to perform on Web, Advanced TV & Live Video. Engaging Ads without the production effort & cost


CX’s AI looks, listens & understands why your audience is engaging with your video


Monetize content while providing value - a win/win for you and your audience

Initiate audience amazement

For Publishers
Open new inventory and reach your monetization potential with CX's Supply Side Platform
For Advertisers
Maximize performance with the industry’s newest and most innovative form of video advertising

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A Viewer-First Ad Experience

85% of consumers will leave a video once they see a pre-roll.
Less Intrusive
Not the make-you-wait, interrupt your show, advertising that most audiences hate, but seamlessly weaved into the content
More Engaging
When the ad makes sense and doesn’t interrupt, viewers stay locked in, resulting in advertising that is engaging, memorable and trackable
More Integrated
On-stream advertising directly complements the publisher's content. Advertising and content in harmony creates a truly unique viewing experience and increases watch times.

Current Video Advertising Statistics


per year in Missed Opportunities


of audiences leave content due to ads on mobile


of viewers skip online video ads as soon as possible.


of US consumers use Ad Blockers

CX Testimonials

Over the last three years, we've analyzed hundreds of startups looking to solve monetization, CX is the first team we've found that actually does.

Glenn Argenbright, Founder & General Partner Quake Capital
Quake Capital

“Hands down the biggest seismic shift in Adtech I’ve seen in a decade”

Rachel Herskovitz, VP Content Partnerships

Start your journey to a viewer-first experience.
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Start your journey to a viewer-first experience.
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